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Asbestos Testing

From the 1950's - 1980's asbestos was regularly used in the roofing industry. Since Discovering that Asbestos had many links to causing fatal lung diseases. The decision made, was to ban any building material that contained asbestos within it to be banned from further use. The ban came into place just before the year 2000, therefor many buildings in the U.K still contain it.

A certified specialist will have to take a sample of the roof or wall lining, this is so that the particles can be examined and tested. Asbestos must be avoided at all times when broken up, this is to prevent any particles being inhaled and causing significant long term damage to the lungs.

Testing for Asbestos

Once the contact specialists have been contacted, the area musts be closed to the public. These measures are taken to ensure no one is exposed to any particles in the air.

Throughout the asbestos testing procedure, our professional, PASMA trained specialists will ensure that the following is undertaken:

After the completion of your Asbestos testing

When the asbestos testing is completed, we will provide information and advice on resolving the highlighted issues. To resolve this you could have plastic or metal sheets attached to the undisturbed areas, this will ensure that the area is safe and protected. Asbestos removal and repair are two other options that are also worth considering.


Unit 5, The Merchants Evegate Business Park Ashford Kent TN25 6SX

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