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Core Sampling

Core sampling is a very effective way of finding out how much moisture is trapped within your roofing system. Core sampling is a intrusive method, however after completion you are left with no damage to the existing roof.

The process of Core sampling

Samples of your roof will be neatly cut out in areas of dry, medium and heavy moisture presence using a specialist cutting tool appropriate for your roof's material. The roof will be penetrated through the membrane down to the deck in a cut between 4 and 12 inches in size, and each sample will be taken away in an airtight container for scientific analysis.

Using advanced technological equipment and laboratory-standard testing procedures we are then able to provide highly accurate information about the exact moisture content of your roof. Once we've identified the current situation we'll inform you of your roof's future outlook, and offer a range of appropriate responses based upon our findings.

After your Core sampling

Each sample is tightly sealed and sent off to be examined by specialists. After we receive the results, we then can proceed to advising you on the best course of action for your situation.


Unit 5, The Merchants Evegate Business Park Ashford Kent TN25 6SX

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